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Re: Best Automated Webinar Platform?

Evergreen Webinar Gurus Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime have put togethor a new program for automated webinar platform. But this is for automating your Webinar Jam studio.

This is for simply getting your EverWebinar for everyone because not everyone attend live. It will take business to another level because the scaling possibilities are virtually endless.

Mike Filsaime has been frontiering the evergreen webinar market and EverWebinar  reruns your webinars like they were no other.

First of all, it’s easy to use and intuitive. Anyone who has used Webinar Jam Studio and wants to take business to the next level owes it to themselves to get this if they want to scale up!


How easy it turns evergreen: 




But there are more cool features, too.

When you’d just like to host your webinar pre recorded but not have it look prerecorded there is something for that, because you can add chatting live

So if you just don’t want to do a live webinaryour off the hook because it will be a perfect presentation.  This way you’ll keep your credibility and be able to respond live!




And you have Social Proof integration set up as easy as cake in your chat window:

Here’s how it works, in this section you’ll also learn how to integrate Frequent questions your customers and audience might have.


But what if you don’t want to chat in automated webinar?

Every EverWebinar lets you integrate a pre-calculated chat version and answer FAQs.

This product is for anyone wanting to grow audiences, because webinars for the forseeing future will be the tool that connects audiences and turns prospective customer into customer while delivering lots of value.  Truly win-win.

What’s better is that you can automate urgency and close sales while your not even there.

Check this out:


At the end you collect the cash and analytics to amp your sales force


Now tell me more?

Ever Webinar: The Webinar Platform of the Future

Every business is interested in making profit and in acquiring new customers, right? Generating customer interest and retaining customer loyalty is a hallmark of modern business, and an important strategy for businesses who feel trapped in ‘no man’s land’ to follow. Business cannot simply be done in person anymore, as it was in the past. Now, having a successful business means successfully automating portions of that business and generating online revenue streams and customer interest. One way to accomplish these goals is by streaming webinars onto your personal website or company homepage. Evergreen content related to your business’s goals can remain online for as long as your website continues to be hosted, and is an excellent way to attract customers and explain your product or service to a larger audience than you can reach in person.

OK, here are my bonuses  you’ll get this here which is 

Screenshot 2016-01-22 at 5.06.35 PMeverwebinar bonuses

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That’s where Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime come in. These two entrepreneurs have analyzed tendencies of modern consumers and realized something invaluable – people are attracted by the spectacle of a live event, but often cannot afford or make time for these events. They decided to harness these consumer tendencies and create an excellent integrated webinar plaform, called EverWebinar, to better serve businesses that are attempting to move into the online marketing sphere. Their platform allows users to create webinar content, in programs such as Webinar Jam, and then import them into the webinar platform for instant posting, revision, editing or anything else.

If webinars are the future of business, then EverWebinar is the future of the webinar movement. Ever Webinar reviews have been excellent, and online businesses have been coming out of the woodwork to praise the technical know-how and business accumen that went into creating this software. Almost every Ever Webinar review mentions how easy the program is to install and navigate, how affordable the service is for how much it can do, how simple it is to upload webinars to the web and how professional the layout of the software is. Reviewers have compared the program favorably to respected programs such as Google webinars and Go To Meeting, and excellent reviews continue to pour in from customers who are pleased with their new purchase.

Several features are available from Jenkins and Filsaime’s program that simply do not exist in other platforms. A special EverWebinar bonus feature is the ease with which it draws customers to your business’s online evergreen content. Once customers are presented with the professional layout, excellent sound quality and clean lines of your webinar (as constructed in Webinar Jam) they are much more likely to take your business seriously and recommend your page or even services to friends. Ever Webinar bonuses are easy to spot once you buy the product – everyone knows that live webinars increase sales figures, and being able to record and playback your personal webinar at a later date increases the time window for those sales figure increases to occur. In essence, you are granting yourself more hours in the day by using Ever Webinar bonus features like timed updates and cleaner layouts.

There honestly aren’t very many cons to purchasing Ever Webinar’s product — it’s really as simple and powerful as it sounds! Most EverWebinar reviews, as we mentioned before, are excellent and thoughtful, but many people may be skeptical when they see customer reviews that are not so positive. The difference is, most of these positive reviews are written like, “Ever Webar scam!” or something silly like that (typos included!). The positive reviews of the software are generally thoughtful, and examine actual dimensions of the platform. Negative reviewers tend to claim that the product is a scam without backing up any of their wild claims, and it is fairly easy to pick out the reviewers who have not examined the software at all and are simply attacking the product on principle. Every EverWebinar review that should be heeded is well written by a businessperson who has truly profited from the program, not some typo-filled “Ever Webar scam” garbage.

The other con, if there is another con, is that the software is so new that not many people have had the chance to try it what the features of an automated webinar and evergreen webinar is that is so interactive. Although this uncertainty may seem a bit scary, just look at the facts — the product is genuinely affordable, produced by two excellent and successful entrepreneurs, supportive of many different webinar functions, and ready to make you money! As they say, if the software doesn’t work the way you thought it would, no harm no foul.

Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins have truly come up with a revolutionary way to integrate live webinar technology with an online business world that demands fresh evergreen content. Ever Webinar bonuses and benefits will become more and more clear to you the more you use the product and the more content you publish. Frankly, if you don’t get your hands on a copy of this fascinating software, you risk being left behind in the world of old, offline business. Jenkins and Filsaime have created the product of your dreams, but you have to take that next step to create the dream business to match.

Questions you may have

Q. What if I am a total newbie to the Webinaring and WebinarJam no less?

Well, theres a huge potential to tap into markets that you never though possible and scale like crazy with webinars and if you are having trouble growing and engaging your list, this is probably the best way.

Q. Is there some kind of upsell?

No, you don’t need WebinarJam, since Amazon S3 and vimeo will take care of that!

Q. Does EverWebinar integrate?

Yes, that’s one great thing about it.  You name it, its there! Leadpages, clickfunnels, facebook, twitter, etc.,

Check out more





Need more help deciding if its for you?  Heres the training the creators put out for Everwebinar


Everwebinar Video 1

Everwebinar Video 2

Everwebinar Video 3

In Video 3 you’ll learn

How to say bye to Live Webinars…


Because eventhough they used to convert the best…


That might not even be the case now!


Is it EverWebinar? or is just live?



  • How you will make a killing without having to show up to work

  • How to  CHAT, import and  to sync it with your webinar smoothly

  • How Polls, Surveys, Chat and so much more will enhance user experience and targeting.

  • How to automize perfect  “Add to Cart” when your offer is getting them by the seat of their pants

  • How Automated Webinar and Evergreen Analytics are important and how it’ll to help you improve your goals and hone in your pitch

  • How you can even  LIVE chat using HYBRID CHAT system staff to talk with people that are asking question for your Automated webinars.  You basically will have full control. It’ll make the live feeling more clinically targeted.

  • and so much more

Do you want that ATM machine going? 

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